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Apparently I was curious from a young age, either disappearing off on an exploration or spending an age examining something which had grabbed my attention (often this involved dismantling things -fortunately I've since learnt the art of re-assembly). To the constant exasperation of my family, "why" became my favourite word. For this I thank my beloved grandmother (a natural teacher who instilled in me the importance of learning from a very young age) and my grandfather (who retired to pursue a degree in archaeology and anthropology.)

After various adventures in hospitality, the music industry and market research, I've evolved into a strategic planner in an ad agency -the perfect role for one who is interested in ideas and questioning the status quo. Asking why is my job -my grandmother would be proud.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I am now happily ensconced in London. A bigger pond with more things to investigate. Lovely.


radiohead, soul, entourage, ernest hemingway, blade runner, haruki murakami, ryan adams, william gibson, neal stephenson, reggae, deadwood, apple, hip hop, johnny cash, nick cave, funk, the sopranos, jack daniels, marvin gaye, kanye west, marlboro lights, the simpsons, the new yorker, moleskine, the sun, hunter s. thompson, dub, the economist, the guardian, curb your enthusiam, qotsa, martin amis, william burroughs, iain (m.) banks, michel hollebecq, wired, spectator, afghan whigs, led zep, dr dre, amp fiddler, al green, ac/dc, the castle, technics, adidas, american apparel, 2k, m&s, rogan, sky+, monmouth coffee, spiritualized, j.g. ballard, apocalypse now, fat freddy's drop, sleaze rock, dead men don't wear plaid, creative review,

and of course the company of my beautiful wife, my dear friends and my two cats..., fallout 3