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Lee McEwan

Fantastic. Right - that's going on my iPod for my trip to work this morning. Thanks Jason.

Ben Lockwood

Nice one bro! Keep it ups, ill be tuning in.


Lovely stuff.. a bit of Strawberry Letter 23 is always appreciated.

How hard is it to make these? I'd like to make a few myself..

Jason Lonsdale

Thanks Will. I'm hoping to make another ep next week.

Not too hard at all really, once you get your head around the program (I used Garageband). The hardest part is digitising vinyl records and then keeping all the levels right.


I've now created mine. Check it out..

Charles Frith

Eagerly waiting for the next installment!

Jason Lonsdale

Charles, the good news is that I've been record shopping... the bad news is that I'm struggling to find a spare day to do it... Soon though, promise!

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