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David Taylor (from Where'sTheSausage)

And, when written as concepts, Post-It notes (rectangular bits of paper you can stick and stick) and ABS brakes (brakes that turn on and off)...and Bailey's Irish Cream (Yuuuk).

Post-it notes were a hit when they were prototyped and given to secretaries.

And a great quote from a French creative: "plus de testicules, et moins de tests" (more balls, less testing!)


Amelia Torode

I think that your Great Quotes for Planners are a great example of Branded Utility - really useful, thank you!

Stan Lee

I believe it's time the industry redefined how we deal with failure in research.

Let's say we have a group of ten people and nine of them hate what we've shown them. This is deemed a failure.

Thinking laterally, this means that 10% of participants liked what they saw. In direct marketing terms that is a fantastic response rate. Well above average for DM in fact.

So rather than killing off something that 90% of people don't like, why not fine tune it for the 10%. With further testing on a group of ten percenters we could have a tightly targeted and highly succesful campaign.

Daniel Mejia

Hey Jason, so I finally found some time to check around your blog. I`m really loving it, specially the Quote for Planners thing. I would definetly keep coming more often. Thanks.


Tend to agree with you Stan, although I think what you say only really applies if those 10% of people really love what we've shown them.

It's only love that moves us to action or changes our perceptions; for our purposes the difference between indifference and hatred is negligible.



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