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Full disclosure Jason:

3 years ago I worked with the man pictured on the homepage of Asssells. He was a web/graphic designer, I was a copywriter. In our bored moments, we came up with the concept and built it out, with me doing most of the writing.

I saw it as pure satire. He really wanted it to fly. The site went dark for a year, but I just noticed he put it back up. I'm hoping he forges on with his dream.

While clearly tongue in cheek (ZING!) there is truth in all humor.


Actually this theory has merit. Dragon's Den's Duncan Ballantine's new book recommends the quickest way to make a million is to be a tight ass,...

I'm here all night ;-)


Fucking legend. This has made my day (and made my co-workers think I'm insane from laughing out loud).

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