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Ah, so I SHOULD get into Wilco then... everyone has been saying how good they are.

Got any album recommendations?

Next gigs for me are Electric 6 (comedy - worth it for Dance Commander)and Grinderman (should be cracking).

Oh - and are you about the office on Thursday? I'll be in your neck of the woods at about 4ish, if you fancy a sly coffee or adult beverage. Shoot me an email ([email protected]).


Cat? I knew a designer who named his first-born son after the band.

I saw them play a few weeks ago in Melbourne. For the final encore, Jeff comes out on his own, no microphone, no amplification on his guitar and stands at the very front of the stage to sing the last song.

A 5000 seat venue and you could've heard a pin drop. Magic.


Thanks again Jason for taking me. You are the best!

Plug my band time:

Playing London, June 6th...

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