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My personal peeve is "begs the question".

It has a specific meaning that's really quite useful.

If you mean "raises the question", then what's wrong with using those exact words? They do the job admirably.

Damian Christie

Heh, thanks for the dedication. Seems to be very popular with those annoying radio jocks the commercial airwaves are so full of. I have also definitely heard one of them say "Maaaaate, I was *literally* pissing myself!"

Fortunately "literally" seems to have been replaced in the kiwi lexicon for the timebeing with "actually". Which is good, because unlike literally, actually doesn't mean anything.

Another thing I hate? People who start off stories with "the funniest thing I ever heard... ". Not only because they will usually offer ten such examples of the funniest thing in any given evening, but also because the stories people who use that phrase tell are *never* funny. LIterally.


You should join my facebook group - I literally want to stop people misusing the word literally :)

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